Wrangler’s SP20 collection embraces the return to the mid 90’s aesthetic.

Wrangler is perfectly placed to deliver authentic key pieces from the trend, with classic checked shirts, retro tees and dark denim at the heart of the collection. The denim icon plays with the casual anti-fashion 90s guitar band look, mixing up slouchy silhouettes and nostalgic touches, and adding modern luxe finishes, to bring it forward to a new generation.

The palette revolves around black, evoking the sub-culture’s scratchy punk origins or the edginess of an LA dive bar grunge night out. The restrained shade is the ideal backdrop for two key colours – electric blue and flame orange – to make a bold impact.

Influences continue to come from retro sportswear and graphics, but for this collection Wrangler moves them away from the poppy 80s trend, and towards a cooler, beaten up, Seattle thrift store feel.