World Oceans Day: June 8 2019.

Wrangler X Port Of Antwerp.

As part of Wrangler’s WeCare platform, the brand embarked on a clean-up program with the Port of Antwerp in conjunction with World Oceans Day. The purpose was to raise awareness of single use plastic and the dangers to the environment.

Happy World Oceans Day!
To celebrate our shared oceans, we went outside:

We removed plastic bottles, styrofoam, earbuds, fishing nets and other waste from local waterways to ensure none of it reached the ocean.

Wrangler Indigood
Wrangler has just launched a new collection of denim dyed without water.
Using the Indigood technology, the collection eliminates all water from the dyeing process. That’s two reasons to high five the planet.

Tough Denim. Gentle footprint. Responsible action.

We’re committed to being planet driven. The Wrangler Wrevolution starts now!