Wrangler Value collection, exclusively for Opening Ceremony.

Wrangler and Opening Ceremony revive archival 90s product for Fall/Winter 2019 collection. Nostalgic and edgy. Familiar and refreshed. Classics meet high concept fashion. The denim icon Wrangler pairs with innovative brand Opening Ceremony with a project that revives pieces from Wrangler’s archive.

The design partnership for Fall Winter 2019 is an authentic redux of key styles Wrangler piled high in US superstores during the 1990s, when Americans were buying cargo pants, wide leg jeans and graphic tees. Oversized silhouettes dominated, fabrics were heavy and long-lasting, and identity was fluid.

The name of the collection Value comes from the big-box stores where these styles were so popular – the idea that people threw a pair of jeans into their shopping basket while out buying groceries or household goods. It contrasts Wrangler’s immersive retail experience and Opening Ceremony’s curated, cultural approach to fashion that has turned the brand into a global creative community.

Value also references the values of the Wrangler brand – this collection is made in limited quantities, all cotton used is organic cotton, to reinterpret the evolving meaning of “value” today and Wrangler’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Drawing on Wrangler’s long western heritage, and the street style looks it embraced in the 1980s and 1990s, the Value collection features a sizing philosophy that allows for all identities to wear the collection. Checked shirts, and short and long-sleeved tees with bold graphics are paired with a hooded popper jacket displaying retro colour-blocking in shell-suit fabric. Denim jackets are boxy, and jeans, dungarees and denim cargo pants go wide. Zip-off sleeves on jackets and legs on jeans change the look, in a play on experimental wearability and practicality. The collection will be available exclusively at Opening Ceremony stores and openingceremony.com.

The partnership is a marriage of the past and future of American fashion, celebrating Opening Ceremony’s modern interpretation of Wrangler’s enduring place at the heart of Americana style.