April 22 marks the celebration of the 50th edition of EARTH DAY, a day on which people worldwide join to consider the state of our earth. Denim brand G-Star RAW is a forerunner of sustainability in the denim industry. From a starting point of shared vision, creative agency The Visionary Lab chose an innovative route to bring attention to the issue of textile-waste by forging a positive statement: ‘Waste isn’t waste until you waste it’.

The Visionary Lab invited leading fashion designers and artists to create unique, one-off pieces of denim waste materials of G-Star RAW. Couturier Karim Adduchi, fashion designers Lisa Konno and Ferry Schiffelers, visual artist Victor de Bie, hat maker Yuki Isshiki (Demure Couture Hat) and artist/model Iekeliene Stange (Splitter Splatter) unleashed their imagination and craft- manship on a pile of denim scraps. The outcomes are as surprising as they are diverse: these special, one-of-a-kind creations vary from elegant couture dresses to surrealist costumes. Wendelien Daan photographed the designs in her own, characteristically sculptured style. The results of this coupling of creativity with engagement is an artistic, fashionable ode to craftsmanship and the planet: re-imagine, re-use, re-create!