As the Swedish saying goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes”. Rewind to 1951 and Varberg, on the Swedish west coast, Paul Rydholm start a small-scale production of sportswear – the beginning of Tenson.

Straight away it was clear the weather would play an important role in the collection. It’s not the coldest place on earth. But during autumn and winter it’s a windy, chilly, rainy and humid place. Paul Rydholm loved being outdoors and for him bad weather was just another excuse to go outside and feel the elements. Since then, Tenson has been influenced and driven by the coastal way of life. We take experience and know-how, and put it into our collections of outdoor and lifestyle apparel.

Proud of this heritage, today Tenson crafts clothes and gear that make the active life easier, more comfortable and dry, no matter if you’re in the mountains searching for powder or commuting to work on your bike. Tenson is part of the everyday adventure – a part of your way of living.