The Strellson brand is launching its new campaign on a specially chosen date: 5 September, Freddie Mercury’s 70th birthday. And not without reason, for at its centre is a music video of the world-famous Queen song “Don’t Stop Me Now” in an exclusive cover version. It tells the story of a man in Strellson attire forging a path through a fantasy world with unstoppable self-assurance.

As a brand, Strellson too is forging a new path: for the first time, the company is opting for a purely digital media strategy, and employing an unusual campaign concept for the fashion sector – a music video.

The fashion industry is facing a new generation of men: men who follow their own impulses and dare to be different. Men whose lives are rooted in the digital world. The aim of the digital campaign is to connect with this target group via relevant and entertaining content.

“Strellson is venturing to turn the tables in terms of marketing strategy. Up to now, it was the photographer who was responsible for executing the campaigns; now the film director is centre- stage. It’s his job to communicate the central idea of the campaign. The photographer is relegated to the background, capturing only moments in time”, says Mehmet Arici, Marketing Director Strellson.