IVY LEE makes expert use of contemporary tools for successful and tangible results. We are idea generators, story-tellers, connectors, influencers and reputation managers.

We provide strategic counsel, creative content-driven PR campaigns, and focused press strategies to brands and companies that are eager to accelerate positive awareness of their brand and product.

Our specialised PR team handles everything from writing press releases to showroom collection management, and from product placement to creative alliances.


We offer bespoke advice and consulting services in the fields of marketing and public relations for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

• Brainstorming and conceptualization
• Identifying what’s new and next
• PR strategy development
• Digital strategy development
• Fashion show and event planning
• Providing and sourcing expertsand talent


The PR and marketing industry has entered a new era where brands need a vigorous and positive online presence. IVY LEE has the expertise and insight it takes for a strong and profitable online, mobile and social media strategy. We leverage social media for viral publications and sales-driven activities and launch, promote and help generate inbound leads for your products and services.

We use online channels, proven SEO strategies, social media marketing approaches and management, giving you unparalleled online visibility, steady online monitoring, social branding and client interaction.


IVY LEE authentically connect brands with the millennials and generation Z consumers in the Benelux market.
We are specialised in engaging with this hard to reach group for innovation, relevant messaging and youth powered marketing.
• Peer-to-peer communication
• Product seeding
• Selecting brand ambassadors
• Community building

In brief, our plan is frankly, and openly, on behalf of business concerns and public institutions, to supply the press and public prompt and accurate information concerning subjects which is of value and interest to the public.

Ivy Ledbetter Lee (1877-1934)