The Reef Fanning – our kind of multi-tool

The Fanning, named after three-time world surf champion Mick Fanning has feel-good in its DNA, thanks to a super soft yet high-rebound footbed, which includes a built-in 360-degree airbag under foot plus padded, and water-friendly straps. The bottle opener in the sole means the party is wherever you are. The opener can be used to easily pop open a bottle of soda or beer at the pool, beach or after a long day at the office. With these sandals, you’ll always have an opener on you, guaranteeing your success and your friends’ surprise.

The Fanning retails at €67,95 in slipper and slide, and the leather editions cost €80.

PS: you’ll only find it at Reef. The Fanning has helped people become the life of the party for over 17 years. It’s patented, which makes it uniquely Reef.

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