Reef was founded in 1984 by two Argentinian brothers, Fernando and Santiago Aguerre. Their goal was to share their passion for surfing and the beach lifestyle with others. The whole adventure started when they created the “Original Striped Sandal” in their search for a unique beach footwear. Soon after, a sandal taking function, fit and style into account, was specifically designed for women. This was innovative in the surfer world, which is often considered as a boy’s club.

Reef’s values being comfort and sustainability are relevant to this day. Vegan leather, renewable sugarcane-based midsoles and 100% cotton liners are just some of the materials being used to make the sandals. Since Reef goes the extra mile and looks for new ways to be innovative, things don’t stop here. Indeed, another important aspect is that of research and the preservation of beaches and oceans. By partnering up with organisations and a scientific laboratory, they encourage communities to get together and protect a shared environment. Their motto? Beach Freely. The brand encourages people to live by this concept which is about embracing fun, freedom and the spirit of the beach.


In 1999, Reef decided to launch a sandal that would fit women and help them integrate in the surfer world. An aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and durable sandal were some of the set criteria. Today, when looking at the materials Reef uses to create comfortable and durable shoes, many sustainable alternatives are being used, as they strive to keep their carbon footprint to a minimal level. The Vista Hi and Cushion sage are made of 100% cotton liners as well as genuine cork. Another well known model, the Cushion Vista Thread, is made of 100% recycled PET derived from post-consumer plastic bottles, as well as vegan leather. What makes the difference is the quality of the alternative materials Reef uses. Their products are designed to last a long time, which is also a major part of the sustainable aspect they want to put forward. All in all, the message Reef tries to transmit to the public is that both the materials and the lifetime of product matter, and that style does not have to be compromised.


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