MINT, the platform for fashion and lifestyle products with respect for people and the environment is participating in its 7th edition of Modefabriek, the largest so far, with more participants than ever before. In a separate conference area, a group of certain game changers and critical thinkers came together for the Q&A session ‘The sustainable fashion breakthrough’. Among them was designer Hans Ubbink, who discontinued his label last year and this year is launching two sustainable labels – an underwear line and a line with products made of Mongolian horse skin. His motto: don’t think “I have to design something sustainable”; think “make something beautiful, and do that in the most sustainable way possible.” The shocking documentary ‘De slag om de Klerenwereld’ (The Battle for the World of Clothing) by Teun van der Keuken is oft-quoted to indicate that the topic is not only the focus of many fashion insiders, but can definitely also be discussed among a larger audience.

“This is a real phenomenon,” says Eva de Groot of Fashion Today, “People want more sustainability; they want to know where their clothes come from, whether or not any children were exploited or animals were abused in the process, which I think is a good level of awareness.” She is on The Floor, with labels InWear and Part Two for the first time. “Modefabriek has provided many new contacts. After three years, we are now back on the Dutch market. I’m really looking forward to it. I rented a scanner so that we’ll have all of our visitors’ information, which can be very effective for our follow-up.” Custom service is her motto: “I go to the shops myself to merchandise or to return items. I sell what I believe in.”