Teva, a division of Deckers Brands, announces its ‘Where to Next?’ campaign in celebration of the brand’s 40th anniversary and the creation of the sport sandal category. Born in the Grand Canyon in 1984 by a resourceful river guide looking for a way to prevent sandals from floating downstream, Teva introduced the world to the first sport sandal. Now, 40 years later, the brand has ignited a global passion for the category, creating mass appeal within the fashion industry while remaining true to its outdoor roots. For the last four decades, Teva has fueled exploration and the freedom to roam, leaving footprints all over the world.

To celebrate this major milestone, the brand introduces its ‘Where to Next?’ campaign along with the unveiling of a ‘Revive’ product series inspired by the ‘80s and ‘90s. The campaign and accompanying collection inspire feelings of nostalgia and transports audiences back in time to revisit past adventures, while also creating excitement for those still to come.

Our fans across decades and around the globe are uniquely united in a common search for adventure, in whatever form that means to them,” says Sarah Carter, Director of Global Brand Marketing. “This year, we’re looking back on where we’ve been, celebrating all the places people have taken us, and inspiring our fans to ask themselves, ‘Where to Next?’”

With separate drops throughout the spring season, each Revive collection will feature fan favorite archival styles and retro-inspired prints from the decade they honor, modernized for today—proving adventure never gets old.

The ‘80s Revive Collection | Original Universal Revive and Original Sandal Revive

Launching in tandem with the ‘Where to Next?’ campaign, the celebration kicks off with the ‘80s Revive collection, paying tribute to the Original Universal (€65) and Original Sandal (€65). The Original Sandal, true to its name, was the first sandal Teva ever created. It returns this season to commemorate the brand’s 40th anniversary, alongside new iterations of the Original Universal in archival wavy webbing colored in bright neons to nod to the decade.

The ‘90s Revive Collection | Hurricane XLT2 Revive and Original Alp Revive

Ultimate nostalgia kicks in as we look to the ‘90s with the Original Alp (€65) and new takes on the Hurricane XLT2 (€80). The Original Alp paved the way for the performance sport sandal of today with its technical hardware and multi-strap construction, while the Hurricane XLT2 is a versatile adventure sandal outfitted with grippy traction and robust EVA footbed for enhanced comfort that supports all-day exploration. The collection features bold geometric shapes reminiscent of the jagged rocks of the Grand Canyon in a faded primary color palette.

As the originator of the sport sandal, Teva’s product innovations have paved the way for generations of outdoor adventurers. In addition to its Revive collections, Teva is excited to continue pushing the boundaries in performance footwear with new category expansions and product assortments throughout the year. With these new updates and launches, the brand once again asks, ‘Where to Next?’


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