For Summer 23, Second Female invites you on a dreamy summer holiday to the raw and idyllic beauty of the Italian coast. A journey that arouses all your senses. Come along and be seduced by the breathtaking scenery. Close your eyes and inhale the fragrance of lemons, taste the sweetness of gelato and the hint of saltiness on your lips. Feel the soft sand between your toes, the sun’s rays warming your face and the fresh wind blowing in your hair. Listen closely and you’ll hear the soft buzzing of the cicada and the gentle lapping of the waves. As the sun sets, it’s time to get ready for the evening. Your skin is glowing, and your hair is still damp as you stroll down to the local trattoria for a casual dinner with good friends. The view is stunning, and the mood is festive. Breathe in and feel yourself relax. It feels like the most magical place on earth.

Your vacation wardrobe is gathered in one curated capsule, offering a comprehensive selection that inspires you to pack a suitcase and head off to the Riviera. Pieces that can double-up for lazy afternoons and active days exploring, before being dressed up for balmy evenings in the town’s lively piazza. Light items for layering as you move from sunny coves to shady corners. Switch from soft and fluid satins to crisp linen and structured knitted cotton – different fabrics that share a sensuous quality that feel wonderful against your skin.

The expansive colour palette also reflects the natural beauty of the Italian landscape and the richness of the country’s culture. Vibrant shades of orange are juxtaposed against shades of blue that span the palest sky blue and dusty tones to an intense Mediterranean hue. Olive, sand and clay all make recurring appearances, supplemented by soothing earthy and neutral tones – all subtle references to the wild rocky terrain and dusky sandstone houses nestled along the coast. Sunshine yellow and magenta add vibrance and energy to the collection, beautiful colours that radiate warmth and charisma, and complement your sun-kissed skin.

Details are exposed and explored – one-shoulder styles, cutaway sections, around-the-waist ties and loose knots all reveal a little extra skin, reinforcing the effortless and carefree summery vibe that is echoed throughout the collection.



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