Autumn/Winter 2023

For Fall/Winter 2023, JULIE HOUBEN introduces Winter Madness 2.0.
Elevate your style, embrace your journey

The Fall/Winter collection of JULIE HOUBEN radiates modern luxury. It’s a balanced mix of outgoing pieces like the elegant black Jackie Blazer Dress and the fierce red Maxi Tricot Feather Dress and essentials that serve as good staple items like the Hilde Pants and Morgan Coat. JULIE HOUBEN works with natural fabrics as wool and silk. Also, vegan leather garments return this season to give a bit of edge. The color palette consists of timeless black, red, a dark green, deep purple, silver and soft tones of pink and ecru.

JULIE HOUBEN was founded in 2022 by Julie Houben. The story of the brand is deeply personal and rooted in overcoming challenges, which is why Julie is dedicated to present her customers more than just fashionable garments. She likes to offer an immersive experience that resonates with one’s personal journey. Her own battles with anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder led to a profound realization: that amidst life’s struggles, creativity can be a lifeline. Drawing became her solace, a source of comfort that brought her peace and allowed to express her emotions. Julie understands firsthand the emotional rollercoaster of wearing different sizes – from a size 32 to a size 40. This experience taught her that our bodies are not just numbers; they are vessels of resilience and strength. And so, she embarked on a mission to redefine the way we perceive sizes.

JULIE HOUBEN wants to embrace diversity and self-love – recognizing every size as a symbol of something greater. The size labels no longer reflect mere measurements, they embody the qualities that makes a person unique: inspiring, resilient, powerful, passionate, and fearless. JULIE HOUBEN wants you to feel a connection with every piece you wear – not just because it is a fashion statement, but because it is a reflection of your journey.

When you choose JULIE HOUBEN, you are joining a community that celebrates authenticity and empowers you to embrace your story. Let the garments be a reminder that your journey, just like the fabrics we use, is beautifully textured, filled with highs and lows that shape you into the remarkable person you are today.


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