Baum und Pferdgarten’s Spring Summer collection “A Postcard from Copenhagen” explores the city through the eyes of a tourist.
Every summer hoards of tourists descend on the city, filling the streets and joining the people of the city in celebrating the sun and revelling in the beauty of such an iconic place.

At the heart of Copenhagen is the harbour, which over centuries has brought in life and prosperity. Maritime life is still inherent today and year round the harbour is used by Copenhageners: in the winter they jump into the water before running to the sauna, while in the summer they gather at the harbour baths, soaking in the Nordic sun and taking a dip to cool off. Tourists can be seen floating through Nyhavn on “Netto boat” tours to learn of the history of the city.
The collection explores this maritime history through Breton stripes, denim sailor hats, striped knit bags and a palette of deep navy and crisp white.

Icons of Copenhagen such as the Little Mermaid statue, the twirling emblems that adorn the Queen’s guards uniforms and the fleeting Japanese cherry blossoms that bloom at the King’s Garden and by the harbour point are reworked into prints in the collection; where pink denim is subtly illustrated with mermaids, crisp cotton is patterned with a new brand monogram and quilted textiles are are decorated with rich pink florals.

The work of guerilla artists can be spotted across the city (and occasionally on the Little Mermaid herself) and are represented in a colourful graffiti take on the brand’s name.

The collection puts forward the concept that there are no rules for dressing in Copenhagen: every individual dresses for themselves, for their surroundings and for their mood. The diverse sartorial expressions that are revealed are surprising, exciting and fresh. Ultimately, the collection is all inclusive, embracing the style of the many and praising the often artistic ways that people dress for the everyday.

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