ISSEY MIYAKE releases the fourth volume of the IKKO TANAKA ISSEY MIYAKE collection.

Featuring motifs from the works of Ikko Tanaka, the renowned graphic designer whose body of work has had a major impact on the history of design around the world.

Volume one, debuted in 2016 as an expression of Issey Miyake’s respect for Tanaka’s works and his gratitude for the many inspirations. Existing examples of the original works were considered, and their colors faithfully replicated in the production of this series. The objective is not to use these works simply as motifs; but rather to create vibrant clothing full of energy to intensify the appeal of Tanaka’s works when worn in a three-dimensional form.

This time, two of Tanaka’s works have been chosen as motifs: Continuous Symbol and Circle. Focusing on the dynamism and humor of each work, as well as the feeling of warmth they impart, various materials were carefully selected for the details of each work, and used in simple sporty designs.

By expressing the powerful works of Ikko Tanaka, who continued his challenge to constantly create new value in the form of clothing, we wish many people to recognize the ideal form of design along with its sense of fun. IKKO TANAKA ISSEY MIYAKE is the embodiment of such everlasting thoughts of Issey Miyake.

Continuous Symbol Series 1992
This series was inspired by the dynamic space of the Otemae Art Center designed by Mr. Tadao Ando. Compared to previous graphic artworks, in which unstructured hand-drawn forms were often used, this series contains geometric shapes that are neatly arranged to express humor and warmth through minimalistic monotone elements.

Circle 1986
The circle acts as the basis for this series. Black as the central motif, in contrast with the subdued color tones of the background, emphasizes the sense of motion the circle possesses. Furthermore, the hand-drawn lines and colorful fragments within the main motif create a vibrant and warm impression.