Set on the edge of Malta’s dramatic coastline, HUGO’s ‘Your Suit, Your Way’ campaign breaks the boundaries of convention to reveal the dynamic attitude of the Superblack suit.

An impressive sea arch provides the ultimate setting for cliff diver David Colturi to push himself, both physically and mentally, to demonstrate the Superblack suit’s power to take you out of your comfort zone and boost your personality. Full of suspense, the video finds Colturi standing determinedly in the suit on the cliff face, before breaking into a run, then leaping into the unknown, turning in the air and plunging into the sea.

By stepping away from the traditional context of wearing a suit, the campaign delivers an unexpected perspective and shows how the HUGO Superblack suit, with its innovative tailoring and modern slim-fit style, inspires men to wear a suit in new, individual ways that defy convention. Colturi, an award-winning cliff diver, is the ideal protagonist as he is no stranger to pushing himself and breaking boundaries – for more speed, greater heights and more technical jumps.

“Dressing up for the dive was a very interesting and different experience for me. I mean, you’re going through the motions of buttoning up your shirt, fixing your tie; my mind is thinking I’m about to go to a cocktail party,” says Colturi. “But once you take off that cliff, your mind goes into auto-pilot, and that liberating feeling of launching through the air – I felt like James Bond, getting away from the bad guys. Mission successful.”