Denim brand G-Star RAW, Bionic Yarn and Parley for the Oceans, the partners behind RAW for the Oceans, have released ‘Battle for Big Blue’, a mobile game designed to raise awareness about ocean pollution.
‘Battle for Big Blue’ aims to raise awareness for RAW for the Oceans. In a digitised world where “play and understand” now beats “show and tell”, ‘Battle for Big Blue’s playful impression of ocean cleanups brings the cause closer to players and thinkers whose participation is crucial to saving our oceans.

Now we have something that people can play. It just puts it in their mind to consider the ocean. You don’t play a game and ever throw a bottle in the ocean again. And everyone can have it and share it.
– Pharrell Williams, Creative Director Bionic Yarn
‘Battle for Big Blue’ is available for both iOS and Android mobile/tablet.Think you can beat Pharrell? 

Download it here, free from the Apple and GooglePlay app stores.