Converse welcomes Miley Cyrus to the brand. In celebration of pride month, Miley joins Converse’s YES TO ALL campaign to support LGBTQ youth and equality.

International pop star, and philanthropist Miley Cyrus is known for using her voice on and off the stage to speak out for the rights for the people in our streets, our cities and our world. Through her Happy Hippie Foundation, Miley rallies for young people to stand up against the injustices that face LGBTQ youth today.

In the same spirit, Converse says YES TO ALL, standing with youth, freedom of expression, and the belief that whatever gender, sexual orientation or identity, everyone should feel free to be exactly who they are.

“An icon in her own right, Miley provides an incredible voice for the youth of today. We are honored to stand with such a strong advocate for the LGBTQ youth communities and together encourage the world to say Yes to All,” said Davide Grasso, Converse CEO & President. “This is just the beginning of what will be an exciting partnership with Miley.”