The next stage in the evolution of the suit has arrived courtesy of BOSS. Introducing the first fully knitted, Merino wool-blend suit: a bold innovation in comfort, craft, style, and sustainability. Designed by pioneers and developed in partnership with The Woolmark Company, the Merino wool-blend knitted suit continues BOSS’s history of tailoring innovation, with design that’s firmly focused on the needs of today’s BOSS. Building on the long history of Merino wool’s use in traditional suiting, the fiber’s natural properties lend great potential for innovation, creating knitted tailoring that’s the first of its kind for BOSS and establishing a pivotal moment in suit construction overall. By its very nature, wool offers breathability and stretch – key features sought in the development of a BOSS Performance style. This new range offers a more current approach to suiting through the implementation of cutting-edge yarn development, knitting techniques, and workmanship, delivering a product that keeps the pace with today’s on-the-go lifestyles. Moreover, Merino wool’s unmatched natural qualities range from temperature regulation to natural elasticity, superior softness and resistance to stains, odors and wrinkles, adapting to the needs of any occasion.

The knitted suit embraces the science behind the fiber’s natural qualities, backed by The Woolmark Company’s renowned quality assurance and product development processes, supporting the choice of Merino wool for suiting innovation.

To further educate the public about the unique benefits and pioneering potential of Merino wool, BOSS brand ambassador and TikTok sensation Khaby Lame lends his humor and wit as the face of the latest campaign. Lame is more than just a social media star – he represents true BOSS values of bold expression and uptake of innovation, inspiring others to do the same. It’s only fitting that Lame, a boundary-breaking phenomenon, advocates for the unique benefits of wool to showcase the versatility and technical performance of the knitted suit.

Innovative design is also central to the knitted suit’s performance and sleek appeal. Designed in Germany and made in Italy, the suit’s shape is achieved through especially developed construction methods that are as advanced as they are sophisticated. These one-of-a-kind techniques require no seams, cutlines, or technical trims, ensuring that no fabric goes to waste during assembly and valuable resources are saved. Plus, the exclusively developed yarn provides greater flexibility, durability, and comfort.


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