Presenting Ben Sherman’s Spring Summer 2019 collection.

Revisiting a time when Ben Sherman first visited America in search of the iconic brand identity that we know and love today. British musicians of the 1960s were being influenced by Ivy League collegiate style sensibilities from across the Atlantic and combined their love of scooters from Italy, with new hairstyles from France created a definitively modern look, the iconic mod look. Young rock and roll icons shopped the Ivy League look on the Kings Road and adopted the look with a British attitude, fueling a new contemporary moment.

Fast forward to today and we see iconic checks and candy stripes fused together with a unique twist, blending rock and roll style with preppy ivy leagues looks to create a style that Ben Sherman would have been proud of. Ben Sherman has always been for the individuals, for those who set themselves apart. In 1963 we created an iconic look all of our own: sharp, tailored and authentic.

Today, nothing has changed. We remain a leader of modern British style.