In celebration of Earth Day 2022, and to highlight the massive importance of clean drinking water, Baum und Pferdgarten has partnered with charity: water to create a capsule of recycled and organic pieces.
As part of the initiative Baum und Pferdgarten has committed to fund the establishment of minimum one village well in Madagascar.

The capsule evokes an active lifestyle by the sea with pieces suitable for swimming, jogging, or practicing yoga. It consists of 10 pieces including 1 dress and 1 blouse in organic cotton voile, 4 sweat pieces in organic cotton jersey, 2 bucket hats in organic cotton twill, and 2 sporty layering pieces in recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. The dress, blouse, and the two layering pieces all feature a print inspired by the traditional Japanese technique called Shibori which usually requires vast amounts of water but, by making use of the latest digital technology, we minimized the water consumption. The sweatshirts and bucket hats feature the “UND Earth” emblem highlighting the focus of the capsule.

For every piece of the capsule sold with any retailer worldwide, Baum und Pferdgarten will donate €4.00 to the NGO charity: water securing the establishment of at least one village well in Madagascar.

We want to raise awareness about the importance of clean drinking water, and the huge impact that the lack of it can have on communities. Not only does clean water prevent diseases and improve the general standard of living, it also has an impact on the local economy, as well as gender equality, as women are usually the ones spending hours every single day bringing water to their families.

Our industry has a huge impact on the environment and we need to continuously revisit all aspects of our supply chain and make use of the latest technologies to reduce our resource consumption. Some of our main areas of focus are making use of waterless methods for growing crops, processing fibres, and dying yarn or fabrics. But also inspire our consumers to actively consider the planet when washing their garments. Step by step we are moving towards a more responsible fashion industry.” – Rikke Baumgarten & Helle Hestehave, Founding Creative Directors

Madagascar is an island off the coast of East Africa, located in the Indian Ocean. Because of its location, Madagascar is prone to floods, droughts, and other natural disasters, such as earthquakes and cyclones. It is famous for its rich biodiversity, which draws environmental and conservation attention, but the people who live there are often overlooked. Quality of life remains quite low for the majority, with over 77% of the population living below the income poverty line. It is ranked just 164 out of 189 countries on the 2020 Human Development Index, with over 40% under the age of 14. Basic access to clean drinking water sits at just 54% throughout the country and drops to 36% in rural areas.

Certification of organic cotton includes both ecological and social criteria, and critically, involves the entire textile supply chain. As well as using less water and no pesticides
or other harmful chemicals, all workers are ensured safe working conditions and a fair wage.

This is the third Earth Day capsule from Baum und Pferdgarten raising awareness and funds to support a more sustainable way of human existence.


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