Back to back.

In the late 1950’s artists Jane Wilson and Jane Freilicher shared a house in the Hamptons for several summers where they painted together in the same room “side by side or back to back”. Pre Autumn 2020 gathers and blends the works of these two artists with the area of the Hamptons itself.

The two Janes were both inspired by the landscapes of the Hamptons but their styles were distinctly different. Freilicher was a realist; her landscapes have a very personal perspective. Wilson painted from memory; her work is softer and somewhat abstracted. We love the resemblance between the two Janes and our own creative directors. Rikke and Helle use the same source of inspiration but take it in individual directions resulting in unexpected playful contrasts where feminine meets masculine, neutrals offset prints, and minimalism sits with flamboyance.

Like Jane and Jane we work ‘side by side or back to back’ on almost everything. We share our differing ideas and try to capture as many of them as possible in the collections. That is where the true Baum style comes from. Our contrasting styles have always inspired each other.”
 – Helle Hestehave & Rikke Baumgarten, Baum und Pferdgarten creative directors.

The colour palette mirrors the work of the two Janes; soft hues of apricot, barely-there pink, and vanilla yellow contrast with bright orange, cobalt blue, and fuchsia. Ochre, olive green, and tobacco ground the collection.

A print of swirling paint dots nods to an artist’s mixing palette and paint-covered apron. Nautical stripes are reminiscent of deck chairs and beach towels while pen-drawn sea shells remind us of the seashore. Photographic prints of flowers in rigid rows represent the more manicured side of the modern-day Hamptons.

The fabric selection is diverse. Crisp organic cotton sits alongside silk twill. Heavy dry organic twill contrasts a more fluid metallic shine. Sporty viscose juxtaposes sequined lace. Straw bucket hats and resin chain belts draw inspiration from the era that the Janes lived in, and new mesh bags are inspired by the beaches of the Hamptons.

Baum und Pferdgarten strongly believes in the importance of circularity and is working to become more responsible in all aspects of its operations. The aim is to continuously reduce the negative environmental impact of each collection. Pre Autumn 2020 is the next step on this journey. 45% of the collection has been sourced from responsible fibres, including organic cotton and recycled polyester, as well as sustainable wool, EcoVeroTM and TencelTM. All responsible pieces will come with an extra swing tag and will be marked online with a dedicated icon.

The PF20 collection is on display at the IVY LEE showroom in Antwerp, and available for sample pulls. Please have a look on our imagebank for the full lookbook.
For sample pulls, information and all other inquiries, please contact us.