YOYO² even better!

Go for a walk, lounge on a cafe terrace, jump in a taxi, meet up with friends unexpectedly, go down the subway, walk up the stairs to go home, make yourself small inside the elevator or take a plane to the other side of the world:

YOYO makes it all possible as a family.

In 2020, 8 years after the launch of its first version with more than a million units sold across 85 countries, YOYO has a new look and evolves into YOYO².  Still as lightweight, attractive and compact. Even more practical, more comfortable, more modern.

Introducing YOYO² :

  • A reinforced frame, certified for up to 22 kg (previously up to 18 kg).
  • Redesigned and optimized suspensions: made of Hytrel® elastomer, they allow for a better bounce and provide YOYO with unparalleled flexibility and cushioning. The stroller hugs all ground conditions, designed to offer more comfortable strolls, gentle and relaxing naps.
  • A new premium handlebar in faux leather, more resistant, more hygienic, with greater security, thanks to the tether strap.
  • A new universal buckle with a new design, decorated with YBoy – the BABYZEN house icon – more pleasant to the touch and easier to handle.
  • A new harness strap, more flexible and softer, for greater comfort.
  • A new tool-free reversible backrest, using a more ergonomic button, making it easier to handle.
  • Revamped designs of the front and back wheel bearings, armrest and basket.

All accessories (0+ and 6+ color packs, YOYO board, YOYO bag, parasol, leg rest, cup holder, footmuff, travel bag, etc) remain adaptable to the new YOYO² frame!

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