YOOO, there is a new color in town. Introducing YOYO2 Olive.

To all of us, urban neo-parents, who want to fully enjoy the city with our kids, to hold them with one hand while unfolding the stroller with the other, to fold it with a snap of the finger to take the subway, the elevator or a staircase that’s too narrow before hanging it on the wall of an apartment that’s not very big itself, or to travel or to stop for a coffee without bothering anyone, YOYO says “Life says go!”.

Because our children are boosters and not obstacles, so that they increase our lives and not hinder it, because we want to fully share our cities and our lives with them, YOYO allows us to live a parenthood without compromise.

This new positioning capitalizes on the rallying cry of a whole generation, from Paris to NYC, from London to Tel Aviv or Seoul, from Aix to Oslo: YO! In every city in the world, these two letters evoke music, coolness, a way of identifying oneself, a sign of belonging to this open and plural community.

Universal and playful, the YO punctuates this campaign which features young parents and their children determined to make the city their playground with their iconic stroller.

In addition to this new concept, BABYZEN also adds a new olive green to its already extensive color palette. This very contemporary color is inspired by the intense and natural green of olive leaves.


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