ARKK Copenhagen launches first ever design collaboration.

Nordic sneaker brand ARKK Copenhagen launches their first-ever design collaboration with Danish designer Lærke Andersen, on June 7th. The collaboration features the LAZY SUPERIOR, an over-the-knee full lace-up sneaker boot, NAROBI PEARL, a luxury street-style mid-top and SUPERIOR ROMANCE, an alternative over-the-knee sneaker boot.

Lærke Andersen, Founder & Creative Director: “We are two young Danish design brands with very similar roots. ARKK’s started with a focus on mens sneakers, and the Lærke Andersens’ DNA is all about being menswear inspired. Therefore, as the first collaboration for both parties, we are joining forces to step outside of our boundaries and creating strong womenswear shoes that speaks to both the LA trademark of “functional aesthetics” and the ARKK spirit of simplicity and craftsmanship.”

All three sneakers carry a custom sculpted, ARKK WAVE13 chunky sole unit, featuring angular design cues from the Blue Planet Aquarium in Denmark. A custom marbled colorway for each style further compliments the bold sole units. Other premium details include custom ARKK COPENHAGEN & LÆRKE ANDERSEN imprint along the entire length of the custom ARKK FutureGrid knitted upper. As the first official design collaboration for both brands, ARKK Copenhagen and Lærke Andersen focused on producing pieces that would highlight their collective passion for minimalistic design. The limited edition sneaker capsule emphasizes simplicity, functionality and working with sporty and technical details for a refined, yet innovative Scandinavian aesthetic.

Kasper Høj Rasmussen, Creative Director & Co-founder of ARKK Copenhagen: “We have waited a long time to present our first official design collaboration. So when Lærke reached out, it just felt right. Her story, her passion and her journey is so similar to ours. To work on a design project where there is mutual respect and vision to create something that was to become more than what each of us would do, was how we imagined releasing our first collaboration.”