Kanetyk Suede W13 – the new sneaker silhouette, 5 years in the making.

ARKK’s new sneaker silhouette of Spring 2019 is the unisex retro-inspired Kanetyk Suede W13. Building on the success of the sold out Kanetyk Ash Neon Lime (a limited edition colorway released in partnership with Overkill Berlin back in January 2019) the Kanetyk is back in two new colorways: Off White Blazing Orange and Wind Grey Bright Blue. Both new colorways feature playful pops of color that contrast against summer-ready suede uppers and are now available online and in stores.

Getting Back to the Playful Side of Sneakers
Inspired by the sneakers we grew up with in the 90’s, the Kanetyk combines a retro feeling with the custom Nordic details that have come to define ARKK Copenhagen. Built on the voluminous WAVE13 sole unit (introduced in 2018), the Kanetyk features a hybrid mesh and suede upper, precision stitching throughout, embroidered ARKK logos, a cushioned heel pad, and – for the first time ever – heavy duty hiking laces with colorful lace tips.

According to ARKK CEO Thomas Refdahl, the innovations at the heart of the Kanetyk have, quite literally, been on the drawing table at ARKK for years. “Honestly,” says Refdahl, “we have wanted to make a really crazy, colorful shoe for quite some time. And now, after four years in the industry, we feel like we’ve finally reached a point where we can actually execute the big, creative ideas that we’ve had ever since the beginning. Unlike anything else that we’ve ever designed, the Kanetyk is a sneaker that is both familiar and innovative, combining comfortable everyday wearability with bold, statement-making streetwear style.”

This campaign was shot with ARKK Copenhagen founders Kasper Høj Rasmussen and Thomas Refdahl in their hometown Copenhagen. In early 2014, the two lifelong friends set out to answer this question: to find out if it was possible to push sneaker design forward by deconstructing the entire concept. Their quest for an answer led them to create a sneaker brand that designs innovative sneakers which defy the status quo and challenge the perception of what a lifestyle sneaker can be. Rooted in Scandinavian design heritage, inspired by architecture, and obsessed with details, ARKK seeks to change the footwear game by crafting premium kicks unlike anything else out there. With a focus on simplicity, precision detailing, and unique materiality, ARKK sneakers are designed to be the functional foundation for today’s modern streetwear style.

Created as an alternative. Designed to inspire.