Belgian men’s designer label Antwrp presents its Autumn/Winter 2019 collection ‘It’s a men’s world’.

This collection goes for an unmistakable masculine style, laced with tongue-in-cheek clichés such as cool pints, pub games and tough truck drivers. The macho seems to have lost his place in these gender-neutral times. But not quite.

Wouter Hoste, the designer of Belgian men’s fashion label Antwrp, has dusted off the clichés around men and spices them with a sense of humour that puts things into perspective. There is quite a bit of nostalgia in the collection, with the designer drawing inspiration from Flanders’ collective memory. The source of inspiration for the next winter season are old-fashioned village pubs with their pool table, table football, darts and card games. And, of course, a freshly draught pint of beer with a rich head. And who’s hanging at the bar? Truck-drivers who have just come off their shift and cycling tourists in need of some hydration.

“Real men”, or so they like to think.