AMATØR was founded in 2011 by Eline Starink.

While working in the business environment she had numerous talks with female colleagues about giving a personal touch to dressed-up outfits.

This inspired her to set up a label that caters to this need,a label that celebrates individuality and brings  contrast to a world that is dominated by primarily black ensembles.

Eline grew up in Asker, Norway, a beautiful village surrounded by sea and hills. After finishing school in Norway she moved to Amsterdam to study Business Psychology.

The name AMATØR is dedicated to my little brother Christian, in Norway, who is born with Down Syndrome. To the outside world he has his limitations,

but in his own world, he has his own adventures to experience, things to love, games to play and lessons to learn. His determination is admirable

and his optimism is something money could never buy. I can watch him drawing for hours. When we’re together we laugh at the funny faces we make

and we laugh even harder at our clumsiness during walks around the lake.