For the new Fall/Winter collection, Caroline Mewe does not only use sustainable fabrics. She also makes all the items from the collection sustainable for the wearer. The designs can easily be mixed and matched with earlier collections.

Once upon a time women wore clothes that were beautiful, suitable for the occasion at hand, comfortable and yet functional. They even made similar clothes for their men. Sweaters were knitted by hand. Special patterns were designed with symbols for safety. Smart extra pockets were added. Fabrics and colours were chosen and made from local sources with love, care and respect for tradition. Alchemist blended these beautiful ingredients in the new collection. Mewe found inspiration in the craftsmanship of the fishermen sweaters from the island of Terschelling, in the north of the Netherlands. The Watchful Eye is a beautiful symbol that you will find as a theme throughout the collection. Knitted, embroidered or printed.

The working girl
These are also very useful ingredients for the working ‘girl’. Utility clothing in the broadest sense. From desk to dinner, from bike to car. Beautiful designs that are not just functional, but aesthetically beautiful as well. Comfortable, love worn items that will become your favorite wardrobe pieces instantly. Alchemist’s aim is to inspire, to make a woman feel confident all through the day. To give that extra enchanting touch. All according to our mission: made with respect for people and nature and they lived happily ever after.